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The Detroit News recently had this to say about my hummingbird motif:

"the hummingbird-inflected works by Colin Darke . . . are layered pieces touched with cautious whimsy. In "Hope and Planning," Darke says he started by painting a map of Detroit on wood, which he then obscured by superimposing an abstract work on Plexiglas topped by a portrait of a homeless man. The hummingbirds hovering around the man are slight, almost overwhelmed by adjacent jabs of strong color, and suggest an ephemeral quality.

Darke says he started painting hummingbirds in reaction to the large number of Detroit artworks that concentrate on the city's buildings, not its people. "So the hummingbirds represent people," he says, as well as acting as a metaphor for hope against all odds not a bad summary of life in today's Detroit."

I put the "Hope and Planning" piece in my "Rules" section here. That piece is a bridge between my "Hope against Odds" series and my "Rules" series.

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